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"My husband and I looked at each other and said, 'Oh my God, this is the most disturbing thing.'" The site's ease-of-use and voyeuristic appeal leads to a large percentage of (predominantly male) users using webcams to expose themselves anonymously online.

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Test it against the other competitors and the best will get a one-year trial on a real live population.

The winner will claim a pile of dosh and, of course, will also have a tool that is validated for the vast international market of second language would-be English speakers. From the economic point of view, we think that prizes are a great way of mobilising resources, as the X-Prize and others (Bill Gates' funding of malaria vaccines, for example) have already shown.

The million-dollar offers have dried up, and critics have labeled the service a passing craze.

Others have blamed the site’s decline on its pornographic content–it’s estimated one in every eight chats yielded R-rated material.

Worstall on Wednesday The latest of the X-Prizes is an attempt to increase adult literacy through the power of the mobile phone.

Given that our own Prime Minister has been known to think that LOL means “lots of love”, it might not be a bad idea to update digital literacy. We were chatting away when, like it always happens when moms get together, our conversation turned toward what's new with our kids. She told me that just the day before, she had to crack down on her teenage daughters' internet use.If you don't like who you're talking to, you hit "next" and you're whisked off to another one-on-one video chat connection.“Alright, now I’m outside.”The evasive, confined lifestyle isn’t what you’d expect from Ternovskiy.Only months earlier, the 18-year-old had entertained drooling interest from the likes of Digital Sky Technologies and Fred Wilson, turning down million-dollar offers for his popular video-chatting service. Nearly every major media outlet wrote about Chatroulette. But six months later, the fickle followers of Web fads have collectively hit the “next” button. Chatroulette is an online forum where anyone with a webcam can log on and connect with another user chosen by the site entirely at random.


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