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Credits can be earned in various ways or, if wanted, you can buy them.

• The fact that technology has made modern relationships vulnerable cannot be denied.

In my defence, she was talking in hushed tones to another colleague - which was clearly not work related - in a common room.

• We all lead very social lives digitally, yet have become maniacally obsessive about our ‘personal space’, or what we call private.

A woman techie in Bengaluru, Sunitha Singh, recently attacked her husband with a kitchen knife because he was reading text messages on her phone!

Online dating site this is why should treat each other in lack of complete information on eligibility.

Needless to say, they are different from social networking platforms because of the fact that they have been specifically designed for dating people.

The thought of online dating never occurred to me until I was asked to review apps in this category.

Call me old school, but the idea of meeting strangers online and discussing things with them just doesn’t click me.

"Two people talking in hushed tones doesn't necessarily mean they are gossiping.

They could be talking about some confidential work-related issue," says certified etiquette consultant Nirmala Lalvani. Set boundaries, Politely Curious co-workers, nosy parkers, over-sharers, screen stalkers, busybodies, personal space invaders - all offices have one.

In fact, motivational speaker and etiquette and leadership coach Minocher Patel says that India is a land of curious cats. Why only the office, people want to leave an airplane after making fast friends," he says.

Unfortunately personal questions are the preferred ice breakers.

We loved that description so we thought we'd share it with you!

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