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Now, Jones, 24, is in federal custody and facing two counts of production of child pornography.His Twitter account indicates he was on an international tour. It was not clear Tuesday night if he had hired one.

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a new book by Bromleigh Mc Cleneghan, an associate pastor at Union Church outside of Chicago.

The book is Mc Cleneghan’s attempt to free Christians from shame about having premarital or extramarital sex.

He looked scared and timid as he was led into a courtroom Tuesday in the Dirksen Federal Courthouse.

The charges could land him in prison for at least 15 years.

RNS: Many Christians believe it’s best to remain a virgin until marriage.

You say this issue is complicated because people have varying definitions of “virignity.” What are some of the most common?Yet I suspect that Mc Cleneghan’s book will be persuasive to many believers who feel some cognitive dissonance when it comes to sex.(While Christians are likely to say that avoiding sex outside of marriage is a good thing, most engage in it anyway.) For this reason, I decided to chat with her about her views on sex and why she believes the church needs to change its thinking.Want to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment – where we challenge ourselves to innovate, exceed our customer’s wildest expectations and have fun doing it?If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for customer service, drive hard for results but don’t take yourself too seriously – we’d love to hear from you. Tour the San Antonio Missions, recently named a UNESCO world heritage site, then head out to Sea World or the Fiesta Texas theme park.At a time when many conservative Christians are already frustrated by shifting social mores when it comes to sex, Mc Cleneghan’s book may feel antagonistic.

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