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"This is my actual seat," Strong joked to Samberg when Kimmel instructed everyone to find theirs. Just then, security gave the go-ahead for everyone to go to their seats, well into the commercial break.

The first award of the night went to Louie Anderson for good." Cut to the first commercial break, and the barricade still hadn't been lifted, prompting Rock's girlfriend to push him toward the front to lead the charge past the guards. Kimmel's Food Fest He claimed not to know anything about an afterparty when Matt Damon teased him that he would see him at one later during their well-received surprise bit onstage, but Jimmy Kimmel definitely had intel on the night's hottest and most exclusive post-show party — his own.

They also talk about growing up in Los Angeles, how Rami went on a date with Christian’s step- sister once, and what they do outside of acting!

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's Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet while his cousin, whom he didn't introduce by name, stood by his side.

"You're with your family — it's the best way to go through an experience like this," he told E!

A.); Frankie’s meatballs with a Ketel One Vodka molto bene by bartender Ricky Gomez (New York); Pizzeria Bianco’s margherita pizza with a Tanqueray No.

10 bottled green gin and juice by bartender Andy Seymour (Phoenix); and Salt & Straw ice cream with a Ciroc Hollywood sunset by bartender Andy Seymour (Portland).

Soules' pickup truck struck a tractor driven by 66-year-old farmer Kenneth Mosher.

Mosher was killed, and Soules was arrested at his home several hours later that night.

When Rami Malek rolled up to the Emmy Awards on Sunday, the world collectively held its breath for two reasons: 1.) He looked so damn good in his dapper white Dior suit, and 2.) He had a stunning date on his arm. "I am so proud of him," she said about his first Emmy nomination, after fangirling a little bit over meeting Giuliana.

The woman was wearing a gorgeous Marchesa gown and couldn't stop gushing over Rami as he continued the interview.

That’s why it is a big compliment, 'cause she says you’re singing all the time. I don’t know that I'm singing all the time, but that’s very sweet of her to say.

So now on Captain America you’re not singing show tunes between sets?

No, I'm probably doing like a little soft shoe. My mother was a tap dancer, so we had a tap floor in the basement, and we all got lessons. Yeah, it was just you know it was a carpeted basement for most of our life, and then my mother put in this like you know little breakable plastic flooring that actually sounds great to tap on. I played soccer my whole life, but you know I kind of again by the time I hit high school that took a back seat.

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