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She’s the girl who makes the world go into slow motion whenever she enters a room.She’s the one who makes angels sing and pluck their harps as she moves. He seems like the regular Joe, but he’s married to a gorgeous hottie!Red hair varies in hues from a deep burgundy or bright copper (reddish-brown or auburn) through to burnt orange or red-orange and strawberry blond.

A landmark 2006 study from Washington University, Center for Genome Scences, found that there is an ongoing battle in your gut for dominance between two types of bacteria, Bacteroidetes and the Firmicutes. The results have not been consistent, with other studies finding that lean people have more bacteroidetes, so more research is needed to see, among other things, if the ratio between the two types of bacteria matters or the diversity of many types matters, in terms of promoting weight loss.

Red hair occurs naturally in 1–2% of the human population.

They'll tell their equally attractive kids heartwarming stories about "love at first sight," but such pairings are about as compelling as a casting agent's daily grind.

Brangelina, the Bennifers, the Hiddleswifts, the Teigen-Legends: We get it.

You can’t just choose to want to be with someone based on how she looks, right? And you probably shouldn’t be trying to go out with her if you’re just looking to use her for your social status or to make an ex jealous, because that would just be mean. Is she the type of girl that you can see yourself dating even if she gained forty pounds and an extra set of chins?

Instead, you have to have at least some knowledge about who she is before you decide to date her. If you can see past her looks and still want to date her, then move on to the next steps. Being the bad boy who jerks women around won’t get you a ticket into her heart.

In addition, research has found that, while most exercises if done consistently can help to reduce your overall body weight, only one type of exercise can reduce abdominal fat disproportionately.

We discuss the type of exercise that studies have found to be effective at reducing visceral abdominal fat in some detail [Update: Recently, scientists have begun to learn more about why some people seem to effortlessly maintain ideal body weights and waist sizes, while others, despite efforts, struggle to lose weight.

But does that fully explain why goddess Serena Williams insists on keeping company with pasty boy-muffin Alexis Ohanian? (Maybe he studied enchantment spells in med school.)As unseemly as it may be to admit, when you survey the swath of famous women dating or married to average men, speculation about what's going on behind closed doors becomes unavoidable. "I don't have that kind of 'I love the bad guys' thing.

Does it help us grasp the alignment of clever beauty J. If you're capable of charming the pants off any living mortal on the face of the planet—a target demographic that theoretically includes Ryan Gosling and Idris Elba—why go for a wispy-looking chump with no disposable income and Fritos crumbs stuck in his beard? Him: Composer and producer who looks like your hip history teacher.

In order to examine the gender/looks gap firsthand, just find your nearest gaggle of middle-aged humans: The ladies all look like they've just rubbed fancy emulsions into their crow's feet after having jogged ten miles to the chia-seed buffet (because they probably did).


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  4. The first plat by the name of Alexander was laid out in 1838 as an addition to the existing town of Churchville, and called Alexander for the ferryman of that name. The name was assigned by the post office department. The Santa Fe System was organized in 1886 under the name Chicago, Santa Fe, and California Railroad. MISSOURI, 611; Williams 1904, 361; Duffus 1930, 260-66; HANNIBAL COURIER- POST, Aug. Crosson)A schoolhouse in Union Township, southwest of Kahoka; erected in 1847, a log building chinked with mud. Mitchell's map of 1844 shows Barnesville in the same location. There were people it is known in that vicinity of the county of the name of Barnes. (Campbell 1873; Campbell 1874, 592; ATLAS CLARK, 1878, 1915; HIST. It established the original site of the village of Waterloo and served as the first post office. The Indians felt themselves driven from their land without provocation. Land in the vicinity is very productive; hence the name it is thought for the "land of Canaan." (Gen. The name may have been suggested by the name Lebanon in a neighboring township. Clair; Alberta Callison)A railroad projected from Canton in Lewis County to Bloomfield, Iowa, the first in Lewis County. Mc Roberts)A Methodist Protestant Church southwest of Kahoka, near Luray. A Biblical name: At Carmel Elijah sacrificed (I Kings ), and there Elisha dwelt (II Kings ). There was no road above Tully in Lewis County, but the pioneers pushed their way through the brush and high grass to sites near the present St. The first cabin was that of John Alexander's, the ferryman, at the mouth of the Des Moines River. The family of Jacob-Weaver, the miller, was the first white family in the county.

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