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I really liked the music too, i love listening to the ost and remembering this drama. And Taecyeon’s character was pretty useless, just watching from a far distant what was going on…

I felt that the music fit the scenes really well The rewatch value.. I feel like there are parts that are really worth rewatching, and then some parts are parts that were necessary the first time but now that you know the plot you don't really need them anymore, but since i dont usually rewatch dramas anyways i think me watching even some parts of this means its really good :) I've already rewatched some episodes like 5 times when i usually only watch them once or twice... It's really a favorite of mine and the first serious (and second ever) k-drama i watched. As I’m writing down those words, I still don’t know how to feel about that drama.

Moon solidified her star status by headlining the box-office hits My Little Bride (2004) and Innocent Steps (2005).

The other actors were all great too, there's really nothing i complain about. Everytime she appeared on screen, I couldn’t concentrate on her acting and kept wondering about what was her original body and what was fake. The all “lolita-please-protect-me” act pissed me off like crazy.

And the acting really completed the plot and I got into the story with it. If im ever feeling sad and just wanna cry, I rewatch the sad scenes of CS and cry my heart out. And to be honest, I found the all rice wine crisis a bit ridiculous.

Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), who lost her father many years ago, finally moves gets a new family home when her mother remarries. This drama had some great part and a lot of boring parts.

Although things seem to have turn the better for the cynical Eun-Ju, she immediately faces problems when she meets her new step-sister Hyo-Seon (Seo Woo). not the type of drama i would re-watch or recommend. If you want to watch a lot of staring and unsmiling faces this is for you.

Following her early success, she returned to the screen in 2001 as the young Empress Myeongseong (Lee Mi-yeon played the adult version) in the historical drama Empress Myeongseong.

In 2002, Moon made her film debut in Lovers' Concerto, playing a supporting role as Cha Tae-hyun's younger sister.Making matters worse for Eun-Ju, Hyo-Seon seems to like Eun-Ju's prince Ki-Hoon (Chun Jung-Myung). It's about cinderella's step sister, which MGY plays. Basically, the drama's message seems to be, you will go places if you're cold hearted, bitter and rude. And yes, I am currently watching Cinderella Sister in 2016!! I watched the drama because I liked its OST video featured in a Nepali song.Eun-Ju decides then and there to take matters in her own hands and exact revenge on her Cinderella like stepsister ... Even though MGY's character was mean, she was loved, got everything and the man. I have to add that since then I am searching laboriously for all his dramas!! I was really excited to watch this drama but to my disappointment the video was a betrayal for of the contents of the video were in drama when I watched its full drama.though I loved the way the leads loved each other n wished that character ki hoon to be real n wanted to meet him n love him(LOL).No human is perfect and everyone has a bad side and it depends on how you see it who is the villain and who is the hero/in.And i feel like this drama portrayed that pretty perfectly. After watching this Moon Geun Yong became one of my favorite actresses of all time.With great lines, heartfelt scenes, and exceptional acting, Cinderella's Stepsister has been praised as the most beautifully compelling drama of 2010.

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