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"People still feel largely lost, especially when it's somebody they know personally." O'Malley said the group cast a wide net with the call for actors because it wants to show people of diverse backgrounds, dealing with various forms of abuse."It sends the message that family violence is not particular to any one group, any one age, any one background and it also shows the diverse groups that we have here on the Island." O'Malley said she isn't sure exactly how the video will be distributed but hopes the Public Services Commission and workplaces with training for employees will be on board.

View PSATarget Audience: High School, Early College Dating is an important part of becoming an adult. This Emmy Award-winning program looks at common myths, such as "no" really means, "yes." Abuse and respect, sexual stereotypes, how to break up, and preventing violence are all discussed, along with what love is … Purchase info Target Audience: 6th Grade This program explores how abusers use violence and separate their partners from friends and family in order to gain complete control.

Real teens talk about what they think abuse is and why they may be at risk for abuse in romantic relationships.

"To empower people to respond and to really show them the range of possibilities to respond because sometimes an act can be really small but it can really communicate support for a person that's in a bad situation." O'Malley said much of the group's work to this point has been educating the public about what family violence is because people who haven't experienced it "have trouble understanding that this is something that happens locally." "This takes an entirely different approach," she said.

O'Malley said the organization received numerous calls from third parties about people in their lives who are, or may be victims of abuse, and the video series is being produced to help them learn how to help.

Experts explain how teens often don't tell anyone if they are victims of abuse because they are ashamed, or they don't want their parents stepping in to tell them what to do.

Teens are told how to get help for themselves, and how to help a friend who is being abused.Most blend issues of: Primary prevention: stopping violence before it starts - examining healthy relationships and gender stereotypes with Secondary prevention: addressing dating violence as it happens - examining bystander behavior and how to get help.Target Audience: General Public President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden join with Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin, Jimmy Rollins, Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Joe Torre and Andy Katz in this June 2012 PSA to raise awareness about dating violence.Dating violence is a very subtle cycle and many young adults have no idea they may be in a potentially damaging relationship.Dating violence can consist of a variety of mechanisms for control including jealousy, isolation, emotional abuse (browbeating, name calling, patronizing, belittling), financial control, and physical abuse.“Wow, now I know what to say and what NOT to say to my friend who is in an abusive relationship,” a teen from Winslow High.


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