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Most of us can’t afford to make mistakes when getting a personal loan.But you can avoid them if you know what to watch out for.

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Minimum payments on debt accounts are calculated to extend the life of the loan as much as possible, and to maximize lender profits.

Putting $1,000 on a credit card with an average APR of 14.6 percent costs $12 per month in interest.

While the road to financial freedom may seem long at times, a firm commitment to living within your means in order to reach long-term goals will pay off in the end.

Becoming debt-free and financially secure is possible with a disciplined plan, as long as you avoid some common errors.

That consisted of: Some of that debt represented smart investments in real or educational assets, but the rest comes from making mistakes with money.

Using credit well means avoiding the most common mistakes consumers make when spending more than they've earned.Tack a line of credit, car loan or student debt onto your string of credit card bills, and you can see why debt consolidation looks like a viable resolution."Somebody who considers [consolidation] is in over their head, reaching their limits on their credit cards and they're experiencing financial hardship," Kathryn Bossler, a financial counselor at Green Path Debt Solutions, says."But consolidation is just a temporary bandage for a bigger problem.""It's a tool and it's not step one because nothing has changed," agrees Carol Lewis, a certified financial planner who specializes in helping consumers get out of debt.FICO, the company that compiles and reports credit scores, says that payment history represents 35% of your credit score -- meaning that even a single reported delinquent payment can drop a score by up to 100 points.That results in more expensive credit in the future, and higher interest rates on some accounts you have right now."Consolidating both federal and private loans into one private loan can also be an option, but you would then lose some of the protections that come with federal loans," she says.


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