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I'd heard similar complaints from friends: potential dates who texted too much, too little; used too many emojis, didn’t seem to understand emojis at all; were too serious, used to many “lols” when they clearly were not .Each text was carefully analyzed for hidden meaning.My friend and I had just seen a play and, like everyone else in the theater, I took out my phone as the curtain came down.

It's like she and her friends have studied texting at the Bruce Lee Flying Kung Fu Fingers School or something.

Too bad texting isn't a job skill we can put on her resume.

Dear Marriage Minded Mentor, I’ve gone out with a woman several times and it seems we are both interested.

We are dating long distance and my emotional connection seems to come and go.

” Great question, and I applaud you for making the effort to make a real connection rather than substitute a quick, “how r u” text.

Both phone conversations and text messages will keep you in touch while you are physically apart.Texting increases the frequency of small talk and can be a great asset to people beginning to form a friendship; they may be much more comfortable texting each other witty one-liners than they are picking up the phone and calling.But texting is, almost by definition, surface-level communication.Parents often report that their teens text during dinner, and the friend who texts during a group night out is a common phenomenon.The reality may be not that these people are being rude but that they are uncomfortable with slow-paced, in-person communication.I see texting more as a useful tool to set up dates and maybe say hi here and there. I would much prefer to have a meaningful conversation over the phone, even if I have to wait until that evening. Sincerely, Generation te Xt Dear Generation te Xt, Texting can both help and hinder your connection.


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