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is the largest gay/bi/trans social network where members communicate with Black and Latino Brothas/Sistas.

BGC welcomes all members of the LGB&T community, including the Black Brothas/Sistas, Our Latino Brothas/Sistas, Our White Cousins and Our Far East Coast Cousins from China and India, we are all One Big Family.

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And, it was one of the worst movies I've honestly ever seen.

It can hardly even be called a movie, but more on that later. So, a young woman or teenage girl (her age isn't exactly made clear, but the actress playing her is in her 30's) accidentally kills her stepfather, who was trying to rape her, while she was defending herself.The Social Web does not have additional knowledge of the events, and claims no responsibility for their content.Please contact the person posting the event with your questions or concerns.I only went into this movie knowing that it was an Asylum film.I've seen plenty of their bad mockbusters before, and out of curiosity I had to watch this one.Sites with discussions, including bulletin boards, message boards and forums.

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