Consolidating library itunes 11

This also means that i Tunes will locate all music on your computer and add it automatically, making the i Tunes consolidation process much faster than manually adding music.

I was wondering if anyone knows why i Tunes is so slow with large librarys.

Mine has a response time of about 20 seconds for simple scroll, rename etc. I've got the library folder on a SSD and the media on an internal HDD. When it takes forever to respond, is it because its overworking the CPU or SSD or HDD?

Right off the bat you can see the box where the i Tunes Music Folder location is set.

The reset button will return it to Apple’s default position.

My library file is around 80mb, my collection is about 300gb to 500gb approx.

I know it i Tunes that is the problem since I'm connected via ethernet to the NAS (not wireless).Thus, after you consolidated your i Tunes library, all your i Tunes contents will be stored in a single place.Simply use Copy Trans Tune Swift, if you want to transfer i Tunes to an external drive or another folder on your computer.Your i Tunes library, a database that's made up of all of the music and other media that you add to i Tunes, is organized into two i Tunes library files and an i Tunes Media folder.Before you back up your media, find the location of your i Tunes Media folder and consolidate your library.I've pushed across my whole music collection to my Buffalo Linkstation NAS recently.


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