Constitutionality of mandating flu shots

The Supreme Court rulings on mandatory vaccinations have used the "arbitrary or oppressive" standard to effectively set a minimum level of civil liberty protections.States wishing to grant a greater level of civil liberty protections.

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I think, the next should be the families of all related to medical profession/CDC/FDA, so that they can observe on their own children/spouses/parents/grandparents the effects of massive and regular vaccination.

Maybe this would make the medical profession to wake up and oppose.

Fall 2010 has been marked with an increase in employer based vaccine mandates, mostly for the flu vaccine.

Following is a list of suggestions we are currently sharing to help people avoid these mandates.

focused global attention on pandemic prevention through vaccination.

As efforts to develop and deliver H1N1 vaccinations to health care workers (HCW) began, reluctance to accept vaccinations became apparent. Four nurses, the New York State Public Employees Federation, and the New York State United Teachers Union brought suit to halt the mandatory vaccination, which resulted in the issuance of a temporary restraining order.

As healthy adults have a low risk of complications due to respiratory disease, the use of the vaccine may be only advised as an individual protection measure against symptoms in specific cases." Currently, it is becoming mandatory in many healthcare facilities that if you do not have a flu shot, or wear a mask, you can and will be fired.

Many nurses and healthcare professionals have already been so.

One way to balance these competing concerns would be to offer exceptions for medical contraindication and religious belief when possible, but allow public health officials to disallow exceptions when necessary.

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