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In doing so, they may visit between 20-30 websites before they are ready to make a booking.Understanding how consumers shop is key to knowing what consumers will purchase, and hotels who use forward-looking shopping data to make smarter revenue strategy and targeting decisions will be more effective in applying dynamic pricing to grow direct booking and Rev PAR.Online reviews and ratings of businesses on websites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Trip Advisor have the power to shape consumer behavior.

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With its large database of over 40 billion consumer data points, n Sight is able to slice and dice the data to get more and better views of what users can expect in the future.

This unprecedented view into online consumer search and booking behavior helps to predict and inform future performance for hotels and destinations.

In these fields, the trend to capture subconscious and unbiased data through implicit methods is growing.

Eye tracking is among the most effective of these techniques.

The ability to connect instantaneously through an app is an appealing aspect to many single consumers.

Because this apps is free, it makes its profits through ads and its premium service, Tinder Plus.

Traditional, explicit methods are limited because there is no guarantee that a test subject's responses will be honest or accurate.

Implicit research, however, offers the benefit of objective measurement.

Eye tracking is a unique method to objectively measure consumers' attention and spontaneous responses to marketing messages.

These insights help marketers to effectively design communication to catch the shopper's eye.

How many of your searches result in you buying from a local business?

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