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First, Prof Hayward challenged the presumption that we raise attainment by frequent testing.Withinn these broad levels there are milestones of progression.

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The system needs brought into alignment with reality.

If we wish to prioritise effective teaching we require only as much assessment as assists that process.

Live chat Culture and leisure services including libraries, sports, arts, venues and community facilities are now managed by East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure (ERCL).

For information on forthcoming arts and library events, sports activities, leisure centres, opening hours and prices please visit you would like to alert us to a problem (such as missing content) please use the feedback form on this page or email the web team: [email protected]This document (originally produced by Primary teachers in East Lothian and adapted by Mr Allan) for use in S1/2/3, offers teachers a skills progression in Numeracy and Mathematics.

This document identified four key purposes of education; those that enable young people to become, "successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors." The Curriculum for Excellence was implemented in schools in 2010−11.

Its implementation is overseen by Education Scotland.

The Scottish Government has asked all schools in Scotland to report on pupil progress differently this year.

In particular, the vexed issue of reporting at the transition stage between primary and secondary, always a source of divisive debate, is challenging teachers in both sectors.

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Curriculum for Excellence is the national curriculum for Scottish schools for learners from age 3 to 15.

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