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A large picture of Dwyane Wade dominated the front page of the Chicago Tribune’s sports section on Friday morning as his former teammates are in town. Just as a team, just got to do better, man.” Said Butler: “If you're not [mad] after you lose every game, something's wrong.

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The Heat do have enough cap space to make a competitive offer to Wade should he hit the open market, but the Bulls also could have the incentive to keep Wade and try and use him as a trade chip as the deadline approaches.

There are also rumors out there that Wade could consider reuniting with Le Bron James in Cleveland post-buyout, but as of right now, nothing seems imminent. "It's a three-time NBA champion coming back, coming in and really helping a team out.

Both Wade and Jimmy Butler called out the youngsters on the roster during a tough stretch in January last season, saying, "you got to care enough, man.

It's got to mean that much to you to want to win," which reportedly did not sit well at all with the younger guys.

You got to do better with knowing film, knowing personnel. On Instagram, Rondo posted a picture of himself during his Boston days with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and a long, scathing commentary. They brought it every time they stepped in the gym whether it was practice or a game. “No question about it, what happens throughout this year as I go into my summer, I’ll definitely take a look at it,” Wade said.

You got to do better with knowing where your shot's coming and knock them down. I want to play with guys who care and play hard and want to do well for this organization, that want to win games.” On Thursday afternoon, Rondo — who could be on his way out of Chicago as early as Friday — replied to Wade’s criticizms through social media. My vets didn't pick and choose when they wanted to bring it. On Tuesday, Wade told the Sun-Times he would consider opting out of the two-year deal he took with the Bulls when he left the Heat after 13 seasons last summer if things don’t improve." After Union said yes, the happy couple cozy up to each other and hug the children. "Him and the boys planned it completely, as a family ...We were just gonna spend the day together, have a little quality time, went to brunch, I (was) clueless." ON A MOBILE DEVICE? There’s no way Wade could have pictured this scenario when he signed with the Bulls over the summer. The Tribune’s large red-and-black headline above Wade’s photo shouts ‘Disfunction’ as the honeymoon between Wade and his hometown Bulls is most definitely over. Like the fact that whenever he is running late to meet James at a group dinner, there is only one person the finicky Heat guard can entrust with culinary power of attorney. "My wife wouldn't know what to order," Wade says, "but Bron's like, I got it." Two years ago, at just such a dinner in New Orleans, Union could only watch, deeply confused, as James unilaterally picked sea bass for a man who'd expressed a lifelong distaste for fish.


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