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Tom was married to Tamzin, 45, with whom he has daughters Florence, eight and Marnie, four, from 2006 until 2014.

With broadswords only, 30 on each side were chosen from among the best of the fighters. 13) Ewan Mc Pherson 14) John Mc Pherson 15 )Donald Mc Pherson, lived during the reign of King Charles II.

29 of the Clan Kay were killed, the remaining one finished off by his own clan for running away. His son was 9) Dormund, Captain of the Clan Chatten, received his charter under the seal of James IV on February 6, 1509 and died during the reign of King James V. His son was 16) William Mc Pherson 17) William Mc Pherson, born 1673 A. He was a Jacobite from Argyleshire, Scotland, imprisoned in Scotland and forced out of Scotland on the ship ”God Speed” to the Americas in 1716.

They have also shared snaps of themselves at weddings, relaxing at home and on a holiday earlier this year in Yorkshire where Tom grew up.

Earlier this year Meaghan described Tom on social media as “my best friend and trophy boyfriend."I love you more than I love shoes and WWII documentaries”.

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Daniel Mac Pherson and long-term girlfriend Zoe Ventoura, pictured at Qantas Spirit of Australia party in January in California, have confirmed they are set to wed after Daniel proposed in December It's a celebration!

The pair were in Queensland when Daniel popped the question and they celebrated with friends and family.

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