Dating a girl out of your league

And it will make you ten times more of a man than the rest of them who don’t say anything at all.

Most “hot” girls are more down to earth than you think. So either way, your approach will be flattering and endearing.

She is here to share her knowledge to help men who struggle approaching good looking girls.

Or do you just think you could never have a chance with a girl who looks that good? As a woman, it’s flattering if any man approaches you. Maybe you’ll go up to her and discover she’s not good enough for you. And then we’re left thinking he just wasn’t that interested.

If you’re a stand-up guy who treats women well, you should have more confidence than that. They say that the number one reason they don’t approach a good-looking woman is because they think she’s out of their league. A real man goes after what he wants, and I like that. So get the idea out of your head that she’s too good for you when you haven’t even spoken to her yet.

Women have the same internal struggle to strike up conversations with men.

So, for the most part, yeah, you have to make the first move.

You have a 50/50 shot of getting the girl’s number. I’m open to giving a guy my number just because he had the balls to approach me and ask for it.

And it will make you ten times more of a man than the rest of them who don’t say anything at all. If you see a girl you want, approach her.1) It shows balls, and girls want a man who goes after it.2) You don’t have a chance unless you try.3) Who cares! This article is written by Christina Hart and is part of our “From Her” series. If I’m ever interested in a guy, I usually have to approach him. Most men I know tell me that it’s actually because they’re intimidated (gasp! So put on your big boy boxers (or briefs) and go up to her already. Christina is very attractive girl with a lot of experience in the dating world. If you find yourself attracted to a woman, and she glances at you, chances are she is attracted to you too and wants you to approach her. We’re not talking necessarily about social class, family status, wealth, or education.We mean the sum total—the whole package–of qualities a person brings to a relationship. Do you believe she (or he) is much more attractive than you are?

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