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This is the same reason why the Israelites, particularly the Sephardic people throughout history, never let go of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai.They revere Rav Shimon, the author of the Zohar, the way gentiles revere Jesus.

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People were asked the question: “If you had a chance to ask a genuine Kabbalist three questions, what would they be? The desire to become fulfilled for one’s own sake is the female constituent. In the natural order of things, woman constitutes the home.

” We have thus chosen several topics, and today we want to discuss one of them with you. She raises the children, runs the household, cooks, and greets her husband.

And then there's the creature—receiving, drawing closer to the Creator, bringing them together—the female root. If we were to act correctly, clearly understanding how these two roots are implanted in nature and interconnected, then we would do quite well—both men and women. So, being unhappy with one’s man is perhaps a result of mass media providing her with other ideals…

After all, it is not just us, but all of the nature before us is divided from above downwards into clear-cut male and female roots. Litvar: In other words, the difference between men and women is that man corresponds to the Creator… Although it seems to me that everywhere we look we only see man’s negative image, and not a positive one, but for some reason everyone savors this fact, loves this image. Today it is already clear why women want to take everything upon themselves, why they don’t want to be dependent on men, why they’re organizing everything between themselves.

He has to clearly understand that he is in a conflict with the Creator who is revealed to him in different ways.

A person undergoes such transformations that he needs to be persistent, stubborn, brave, and steadfast.Adam Kadmon is a phrase in the religious writings of Kabbalah meaning "original man".The oldest mainstream rabbinic source for the term Adam ha-Ḳadmoni is Numbers Rabbah x., where Biblical Adam is styled, not as usually Ha-Rishon ("the first"), but "Ha-Kadmoni" ("the original"). In Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon ("above") is the first of the comprehensive Five spiritual Worlds in creation, distinguished from Biblical Adam Ha-Rishon ("below"), who included within himself all future human souls before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.The spiritual realm of Adam Kadmon represents the sephirah (divine attribute) of Keter ("crown"), the specific divine will and plan for subsequent creation.In the Lurianic systemisation of preceding Kabbalah, the anthropomorphic designation for Adam Kadmon describes its arrangement of the latent future sephirot in the harmonised configuration of man.Sephardic people seek the help of Rabbi Shimon to bring forth miracles, the way Christians turn to Jesus for their miracles. The secrets of Zohar were concealed inside Christianity because the Kabbalists knew that the Torah, the Temple and all the secret teachings were going to be destroyed by the anti-Kabbalists two thousand years ago. The Temple was burned to the ground and Jerusalem became a sea of blood.

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