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He also ignores the egregious race-baiting that Ali typically used to taunt boxing rivals.

At the height of his fame, Ali loved to portray himself as the true black man whose faithfulness to his race made him superior to other fighters.

The sole intent of this essay is to understand the struggle of “Single American Muslim women” and keeping them within the fold by expanding the fold to be reflective of God’s boundlessness and extending Prophet Muhammad’s mercy to the entire universe.

This article brings serious discussion about marriage of single Muslim women in America in general and women in their forties and fifties in particular.

You won't see much of it in this new film, however, because in the sanitised factory of Hollywood myth-making only sweetness and light prevail.

Director Michael Mann downplays, for example, Ali the ruthless self-promoter, and glosses over the fighter's devotion to the thuggish cult leader Elijah Mohammad.

Jack Straw, then Home Secretary, blocked Farrakhan's entry into the UK in 2000 after concluding his presence would 'pose an unwelcome and significant threat to community relations and in particular to relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities here and a potential threat to public order'.

When the ban was overturned, Mr Straw's successor David Blunkett said 'the Home Secretary's right to exclude someone from the country whose presence is not conducive to good public order has been upheld'.Let’s start with our own bodies to understand this phenomenon.We are composed of billions of unique cells but most certainly we can see that our bodies have several different organs, and all of them have to work together for us to live a normal life.Four decades later, that jubilant kid - who soon remade himself as Muhammad Ali - is a quiet, seemingly gentle figure hobbled by Parkinson's disease and those afflictions common to old boxers who have taken one punch too many.But so potent is the legend of the "Louisville Lip" that his career is now the subject of Hollywood's biggest "biopic" in years, Ali, which stars charismatic Will Smith as - to quote the published screenplay - "the warrior saint in the revolt of the black athlete".In a nutshell, Shaikh says, he felt like they were having fun and he wasn't. Ghazala Irshad, who also grew up in a Muslim family in Illinois, says she knows young Muslims who growing up, were told to "lower [their] gaze" when they came across the opposite sex. We don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex, how do we go about this?

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