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After the tech company that ran the magazine went under, I got a job doing marketing for an Off-Broadway theatre.

I thought, “Finally, I get to be in the room with people who make theatre happen, seeing it all come together.

Or, the blush that washes over me when my roommate finally asks where my boyfriend lives, and I have to sheepishly confess what I’m sure he already has been suspecting: that, as a matter of fact, this artist doesn’t exactly have a “home” , but rather spends the majority of his nights making art at a college campus he can no longer afford to attend, until he falls asleep sandwiched in a 1 ½ foot wide canvas storage unit that has been cushioned with pieces of scrap art foam. For this very fact I have developed a deep-seated and irrational fear that reading Proust may directly result in me becoming homeless.

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It’s good to have supporters and people who love you, but to have a sustainable career, you need (unfortunately) the approval of people who don’t know you.

If you are a dancer, there are better things you can do than take a job as a stripper. Some artists are so excited about finishing a project and getting attention that they don’t realize that they should charge more for it. Decide how much your time is worth, and don’t take anything less than you set for yourself. I’ve heard that some artists believe that selling or displaying their work on the Internet cheapens it. Even if you don’t sell your work directly, people will research you, your art, or your show before they decide to purchase. If you are still counting on a record deal, a gallery showing, or a movie deal, then you are not doing all you can. Which of these beliefs have you dealt with, and how did you overcome them?

By Anna Marszalek, Staff Writer In Western society, the idea of the starving artist is very romantic.

We get this mostly from artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who never sold a painting in his lifetime, but who produced incredibly moving and personal art.

Van Gogh lacked the business sense, but a business sense would have likely not taken away from his enthusiasm.

From a business point of view, he might have even spearheaded a “starving artist” marketing campaign to generate attention toward art dealers.

If it does, do we respect them less as artists, as truth tellers?

Somehow, because of this starving artist myth, money and art have always been perceived as rivals. After talking with young Canadian visual artist Rory Dean, it became clear that art and money necessarily go together, and that romanticized starving artists simply did not know how to work the art market.

Sure, there are certain obstacles we have faced in our relationship as a result of his continual state of placelessness: for instance, that discomfort we both feel when driving in my car together and that song by TLC, “No Scrubs” comes on. There is also something sort of disconcerting about realizing that your artist’s doppelganger might actually be the much older homeless man who strolls about the city with several books in hand, who your artist affectionately refers to as “Reading Man.” Interestingly, this “Reading Man” possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of all things literature, including the various authors and translations of Proust’ , one of my boyfriend’s favorite books.


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