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Dating a truck driver is like engaging in a long distance relationship for the most part.

I know, because I live with one…when he's home for two weekends out of the month, that is.

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Dating a trucker advice speed dating in la crosse wi

To gaze into the eyes of the one you love as you say "I love you" and mean it as if it's the last time you'll ever get to say it.

Being able to hear the laughter or just to be……nothing more while in the same room with your other half.

(Or in any relationships actually) The trucking lifestyle doesn't allow much room for incompatible couples or poor communication habits.

So you will have to be smart about these relationships and nurture them well.

However, be careful and use the lessons and not assumptions or hyper judgment.

It will be useful for your happiness as a truck driver or the wife/spouse of a truck driver.Simply meeting up for dinner and a movie isn’t possible, obviously, but it's important to keep the romance alive while they're on the road.By incorporating alternative technology, you'll free up phone lines, which is important for a working trucker: For starters, truck drivers are required to go hands-free when driving as a safety precaution.If you are single, it may be in your best interest to stay single until you get your 1st year of experience for several reasons.Your first year is with a company that is likely to keep you out for a month at a time. Bottom line is this...trucking lifestyle is difficult already for many people.And yet, though dating a trucker can be tough, it isn’t impossible.


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