sex dating in pinole california - Dating a vulnerable woman

Why is reaching out and talking about shame so important for overcoming it? I think there is still some Barbie and John Wayne stuff lingering in all of us.

I started thinking about what I’d learned over the years about being vulnerable and how it helps to create dating success.

My answer was very typical me and it started with reframing what we believe it means to be vulnerable.

As he did that, he asked; ‘do you want me to help you take it off?? ’I noticed a gut reaction came up from a feeling of adrenaline when he walked off laughing…(like, he laughed??

roarrrr) a visual reaction played in front of my eyes for a milisecond, of me turning to him and sarcastically saying; ‘oh is it funny, is it?

Because vulnerable people are more likely to see straight through man’s shit, and more likely to keep real friends, not followers.

But I stopped; something told me to wake the hell up.

Most people see vulnerability as being open to hurt, pain, rejection or judgment.

If you’re willing, try to reframe what it means to be vulnerable.

You say you want us to be vulnerable and real, but c'mon. It makes you sick to see us like that."Men are smart.


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