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Source: SEMPOThe discontinuance of a marketed product.

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Some of these acronyms could be considered 'politically incorrect', including a few which could be interpreted to be rude or offensive. And if you are easily offended please don't read the page.

A classic example would be comparing conversions resulting from serving either version (A) or (B), where the versions display different headlines.

A/B tests are commonly applied to clicked-on ad copy and landing page copy or designs to determine which version drives the more desired result.

(A) version is normally your existing design ("control" in statistics lingo); and (B) version is the "challenger" with one copy or design element changed.

In a "50/50 A/B split test," you're flipping a coin to decide which version of a page to show.

This acronyms list contains acronyms and abbreviations, and 'backronyms' (acronyms constructed restrospectively to fit a word), with origins in the armed forces, healthcare, IT and various other business and training fields, including funny lifestyle and social acronyms and abbreviations.

The acronyms and abbreviations in this listing can therefore be used for various purposes: for simple amusement; for finding unknown meanings; for illustrating and emphasising points that you wish to make in training or speaking or presentations; and for examples of how language and expressions develop and evolve.

(The term 'sugar daddy' has been used for years.

Spend long enough cruising chat rooms, message boards or question-and-answer sites, and you’ll get used to common Internet acronyms such as LOL, WTH, FTW and AFAIK.

Alliance - Commonly used to ensure the marriage is also about the families, not just the two fools getting marriage. GREEN - green card holder B'LORE - Bangalore Some jargon I just don't understand.


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  2. This statement provides a list of orders and the customers that placed those orders.

  3. An IBAN is validated by converting it into an integer and performing a basic mod-97 operation (as described in ISO 7064) on it. The algorithm of IBAN validation is as follows: Check that the total IBAN length is correct as per the country.

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