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One of the drawbacks to being a HSP is being more prone to over-stimulation and stress than the average person.

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I am a certified HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I discovered that when I was 14 years old because of my constant overthinking, emotional wrecks, panic attacks, and so on.

I couldn’t control my emotions at times and I always worry over little things.

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Lees verder Geplaatst door Dhyan op 2016-07-02 Wij dragen alle mensen, maar bovenal jullie sensitieve mensen, prachtige mensen, een warm hart toe, waar je ook bent en hoe je je ook voelt vandaag.

Many, but not all HSPs are empaths as well—meaning they can feel and absorb the emotions of those around them. You can read more about her findings in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, or take this test on her website to determine if you are an HSP.

A few attributes of HSPs are that they're more likely to cry and become overwhelmed by sensory input; they also notice and respond to changes in lighting, sound, speech, and body language that others may not notice.

And this very basic trait of sensitivity, along with the entire neglected topic of inherited temperament, are absolutely essential for that deeper knowledge.

Yet the topic is largely ignored, as if it is undemocratic to say we are born different.

In this chapter we will thoroughly explore sensitivity as well as another inherited temperament trait, sensation seeking.

At the end we will return to you as an HSP and what you need for yourself before we take up the concern of the rest of the book, your relationships with others. TIME TO FIND OUT If you haven't already, take the HSP Self-Test on page 11 and score it.

I would become so emotional yet he chose to stay by my side through thick and thin making sure I am standing up again. Not only he is kinda like me (a bit sensitive) but he can be so cool and collected. S: To find the right man or boy, you must first embrace that not all can be perfect.

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