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You might find everything from an 1800's Merchantile cabinet to a 1950's game board. In addition to finding us on Facebook for the latest items, watch for our items listed on Craigslist.

A piece or two of old furniture, acquired by either inheritance or purchase, is frequently the beginning of antique collecting.

Even for those who have entered the field by another way, such as glass, silver, china or prints, furniture forms a setting for these accessories that were once part of the early American home.

It is also a subject that can seem overwhelming and confusing to someone with a new interest in antique furniture.

However, learning a few basic tips and tricks used by experienced antique collectors and dealers will give even a novice collector the general knowledge needed to identify a piece of antique furniture.

Individual taste is, of course, the prime factor in choosing the type of antique one collects, but in order that the reader may have a sort of yardstick for determining the merits or defects of a particular piece, we shall endeavor on this page to give him some concrete and practical points on judging the antiques in each of these categories.

These should help him to decide whether a chair, table or case piece is in original condition; whether it has been restored and reconditioned within proper limits, or has been so extensively reworked as to be of little value as an antique; and finally, whether it is a deliberate fake or just a copy of an old piece, with no claim to being an antique.What other distinguishing characteristics can you tell me about that will help identify the age and authenticity of a piece of furniture?ANSWER: Dovetailing is an excellent way to estimate the age of a piece of antique furniture.Using the "Search" engine did find another thread talking about copper with dovetail seams but no one ventured any info.A description:7" high to top of lid finial, 9" to top of handle, 6�" diameter base, 9�" wide to tip of spout.If you think your question might cross the line, please read our [26-1436]I'm trying to date a copper teakettle I've had for decades by way of style and dovetail seams.


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