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Red Wagon Red is lighter bodied, without oaky flavors, and finishes very smooth. We developed a fruity red wine using three varietals that are all French hybrids: de Chaunac, Chancellor, and Foch.

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The P7 are the largest headphones Bowers & Wilkins has produced.

Both the B&W P5 and P3 are mid-size on-ear headphones, but the P7 are full-size over-ears headphones that sit around your ears rather than on them.

All lots start at $1 and many are offered with no reserves.

Once registered with the Stack’s Bowers site, users can conveniently place their bids on the firm’s main website or via the Stack’s Bowers Galleries i Phone and i Pad apps.

"Plastics are replacing metals and ceramics in many places, but they're such poor heat conductors that nobody even considers them for applications that require heat to be dissipated efficiently," said Jinsang Kim, U-M materials science and engineering professor.

"We're working to change that by applying thermal engineering to plastics in a way that hasn't been done before." The process is a major departure from previous approaches, which have focused on adding metallic or ceramic fillers to plastics.

Both the 1982-D SD and 1983-D offerings were struck on 95 percent copper, 5 percent zinc planchets that weighed within tolerance of the 3.1 gram planchets phased out by the Mint in the earlier part of 1982.

Both cents should have been stuck on copper-plated zinc planchets that weigh 2.5 grams.

So what are the values of the unique 1982-D Small Date and 1983-D Lincoln cents struck on solid copper-alloy planchets?

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