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RAY ROMANO, ACTOR: Well, it is pretty hard to hug someone who is trying to kill you. They said I had an appointment at CBS at on a Monday.

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From the top-rated sitcom, Ray Romano; Emmy winner Patricia Heaton who plays his wife; his TV mom, stage, screen and serious actress Doris Roberts; his TV dad, the remarkable Peter Boyle -- did you know he used to be a monk -- and the big man on the show, Ray's TV brother Brad Garrett. They're next with lots of laughs on LARRY KING LIVE.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" is one of TV's top-rated shows, but production for the upcoming season has been a little rough so far.

TLC's all-new candid kids series "I Kid With Brad Garrett" is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 28 at 8/7c with back-to-back episodes.

Emmy winner Brad Garrett takes an entertaining and insightful look into the minds of kids and gets their perspective on the world around them.

Emmy winner Brad Garrett walked off the set demanding a new contract and several of the other stars have called in sick.

Good news, last week Brad signed that new contract and the rest of the cast appears to be healthy. And a week later, the Letterman producer, Rob Burnett (ph), called me and said we're interested in trying to develop a show just based on what they saw, my stand-up, which was talking about my family. ROMANO: Yes, and my family, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and my kids, yes.

Starring Mariska Hargitay, Ice T, Kelli Giddish, Ra?

Apple has just released its 2016 Christmas ad, and it features Frankenstein's monster. The monster, played by Brad Garrett, decides to leave his solitary life behind.

Looks like everybody's happy and set for another great year.

Parents need to know that this family-friendly reality series offers some funny scenes involving interviews with and pranks involving children.

Romano and costars Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle and Brad Garrett were virtual Emmy-nomination machines and scored eight wins among them.


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