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There are a lot of really great pianos out there that, with a little tuning and maintenance, are still new enough to give several good years of use. With pre-Depression pianos the quality is definitely going to be better than post-Depression.

After the Great Depression, everything was bought out by conglomerates and the quality suffered. To do it right you have hundreds of hours invested, and the specialized hours of those craftspeople don’t come cheap. They were continuously evolving when they were being made.

By the time he was in high school, the young man with perfect pitch was tuning and repairing pianos around town for extra cash.

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Instead of setting the strings side by side, the company introduced substituting an arrangement of the string in two banks, one over the other.


A 145-year-old piano has returned to the Grosvenor House Museum in Jonesville after a two-year absence.

The piano, made by Chickering and Sons, spent its vacation being rebuilt and restored by James Reeder, of Reeder Pianos Inc., in ...

Christmas will come early for the congregation of First Presbyterian Church.

When church members said goodbye to their 81-year-old Steinway piano in late May, they didn't anticipate seeing it again until December.

His profound interest was in the Chickering piano, to which he dashed for such careful examination that he nearly had to be hauled away so the concert could begin.

On December 1, 1852, a massive fire destroyed Chickering's piano factory located at 336 Washington Street in Boston. The walls of the building collapsed, and set adjoining structures on fire.

Piano Grand is the story of a magnificent grand piano built in 1893 by legendary Boston piano maker Chickering & Sons.

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