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Marriage is well on the way to becoming a failed institution. Ron Hubbard wrote extensively on interpersonal relationships and much of it is applicable to this most personal of relationships.

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While our magazines are filled with the advice of “pop” psychologists, the trend has only worsened.

Here are real solutions—workable solutions—that can be applied to improve any intimate relationship. Booklet: Your course materials are also integrated within the online course.

"I cannot thank you enough for your free Christian dating & Christian penpals and want to encourage others to hang in there, pray hard and believe that God is able to use any means possible to bring two people together.

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D., and I’ve spent nearly a decade helping guys just like you learn simple stress-free ways to meet, talk to, date, and succeed in forming meaningful long term relationships with Singapore girls and attractive amazing women around the world.

Imagine if before you knew it, Singapore girls were handing you their phone numbers and asking you to call them and take them out.

Once logged in, the online program will guide you through each step of the course to full completion, with all course materials provided from within the Scientology website. Through the length of your course, you will receive supervision from your personal online course supervisor, who will help to ensure you understand and achieve the maximum benefit from the course materials.

The end result is that you are fully able to apply the data contained therein.

(Though it just went up to 1.29, perhaps because of “dragon babies,” noting that intertemporal substitution may snatch some of this back.) Why? Singapore does education very well, and education lowers birth rates. Singapore land and housing prices are especially high, which makes it very costly to have a family with three kids. Children are a bit more fun, because modern life is safer, but “the fun of children” is subject to Baumol’s cost disease. Women are doing very well in Singapore and arguably they are not so willing to marry down in terms of income and educational status.

I was struck, when I gave a talk to the economists at the Civil Service College in Singapore this summer, that well over half the audience was female.

And in that same piece you will find direct evidence for a “marriage squeeze” for well educated women and less educated men. cross-national comparative study (pdf, also very useful) suggests that Singapore’s generous childbearing subsidies do not work because women are still expected to shoulder so many responsibilities of child rearing.


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