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The film comes at us fast and funny right out the gate, as you would expect it.It is after all a Marvel film that is aimed at full family enjoyment with a few mature jokes about Hulk’s zucchini and an ongoing jab at the PG-13 language barrier.Paper Presented at a Conference at the university of Chicago 'India : Implementing Plularism and Democracy' on November 11 - 13, 2005.

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As it happened, we knew more about the cosmonaut than most. were in daily contact with the cosmonaut and, while they explained that a formal meeting was not as yet possible, they were in a position to provide us with the best images known to date: a series of photographs shot at a site some five hours South of Kinshasa, Zongo Falls.

This was a result of our close working relationship with a Kinshasa based crew—part artists’ collective, part think-tank and experimental living facility—called Kongo Astronauts. Shortly thereafter, they followed this up with a video, also shot at the falls.

Everywhere, he appeared in a silver suit bristling with extensions of various kinds. Then, a week ago, came reports of renewed sightings, this time in the neighborhood of Limete.

Speculation, it seems clear, is at the core of the cosmonaut’s appearances. First is the fact that he seeks to prompt speculation among his viewers: hypotheses, conjecture, guesswork.

It is true that thehas lots of gods in it, and in particular that elusive divinity, Krishna, who is up to all manner of devious activity.

But so are Dante, Milton, and Homer filled with God or gods, and if the Italians, the English and the Greeks can read the texts of their heritage, why can't Indians?This happened two weeks after I got a call from one of Delhi's best private schools, asking me to speak to its students. There are important secularists on our governing board, and I don't want controversy about teaching religion.” “But surely the is about right and wrong”. Some are lucky to acquire some acquaintance with them from their grandmothers or an older relative, who tell them stories from the epics and the comics or watch them in second-rate serials on Sunday morning television.Meanwhile, the Sangh Parivar steps into the vacuum with its shrunken, defensive, and inaccurate version of our history and happily appropriates the empty space.Joss Whedon’s last adventure captaining the Marvel ship is full of elements hidden beneath elaborate spectacle. It’s a statement, a confession, and an answer to his harshest critics.It’s also yet another chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anthology, which comes at a burdening price as it’s intertwined with Whedon’s emotional journey.In September 2013, reports started coming out of Kinshasa of a cosmonaut walking the streets at odd times and places.


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