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Anderson snickered several times and she seldom took her eyes off my crotch and my big stiffie. But Mom had never really shown much interest in it.

And I could see her slit as she lifted till she almost let his cock out then slammed herself back down onto his massive dick. She could tell when he was getting close to an orgasm and shes even written a couple of how-to guides on the best way to use a man and some of the fetishes women in the BDSM community might want to try. For months she practiced every conceivable position and ball busting technique on me. I got closer to the couch then got down on my knees. She raped her little boy and while she rode my cock like a wild woman she pushed my head under water over and over again and it was scary and it hurt and I wanted Mom to stop and I wanted her to do that to me forever. Mommy was having trouble with her new strapon harness. Mommy was sucking her finger where the sharp little dildo spike had nipped it while she watched Ms. Mom was laughing at how I was crying and twisting and trying to get away. Amber grabbed her end of the acupuncture needle and shook it. Mom only started doing that to me after watching Ms. I think Mom lets up on smothering me if I do a good job of eating her cunt. Lucky for us thesilly old subbie had plenty of money to spend on us to help himlive out his snuff fantasy.s willing to pay big bucks to see it. I knew I was in trouble when Mom said what she said next. Shit girl, we may be able to take off from work for a couple years if we play this right.s laughed as she ground her hips into my butt in a circular motion. God it hurt when she jabbed that sharp point under the fingernail and wiggled it violently back and forth! Mom laughed and slammed a dildo between my lips and shoved it in hard. Amber were pretty confident theys bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died included watching a boy like me getting snuffed by a woman like Mommy. So I could continue being her slave and slut and good little boy.s not what Mommy wanted to do.

Mommy was humping a man on the couch when I got home from school. I was just pressing my crotch up against the stair railing and humping the metal pipe fast and hard. I could tell she was putting most of her weight on her hands. And Mom leaned back so less of her weight was on his neck. It mist be true because Mommy fucks me all the time now. She just poked the end of her huge fake cock against the outside of my anus then shoved it in. She couldnt have forced it in that far though cause I could still scream. The two over sexed and overly cruel women seemed to feed off each other. But when I finally did look at my Mommy she didnt surprised she was preoccupied with her own coming sadistic pleasure. Amber started in on poking another needle under one of my fingernails. She liked to hear me scream but she didns been doing this kind of stuff to me for years. She thrust her hips forward violently and I screamed into my gag as dozen of sharp spikes ripped away at the inside on my ass hole. At me And started to pump her hips in a frenzy as she blew me a kiss and singing That got both of the cruel women laughing. Mom had gotten my balls in vise grip and was using my nuts to brace herself and get leverage to drive that evil dildo deep into my ass. Not that it mattered as far as the twenty five thousand Mom and Ms. What could he do, go to the cops and complain Mom would snuff her little boy for him? Mom and her friend had really worked me over a few weeks ago. And if snuffing me was the key to getting the old guy to open his bank accounts then Mom was happy to torture me to death. Mommy would be a few thousand dollars richer and sooo much happier after snuffing her boy. She kept one of those at home in her special sound proofed play room where she had her sessions with the endless stream of guys who came to our trailer. I could barely see across the room where they had Mr. Even my teeth hurt the pain was so extreme.d just taken out of my lip and tongue.

She was on top and he must have had a huge cock cause Mom was really going at it. They get a little freaked at first having to perform in front of the fifteen year old son of the woman theyd given into temptation at lunch and slipped out back to get relief for my constant hard-on. Not as fast and hard as Mommy was fucking the guy on the couch but Ms. She kept her hands wrapped around his wind pipe though and I could tell she was still half strangling him while she picked up her pace on humping him again. I turned to leave but Mom snapped her fingers, pointed to a spot a foot from the couch and then pointed at me. Mommy smiled at me, looked right at my cock and her smile got bigger then she started to really hump that guy. Which I did at the top of my lungs for at least fifteen minutes while Mommy raped me up the butt. Amber had tied me to the bed pretty good though so I wasnt going to get away. Amber always hurt me worse when she had Mom as an audience. Or at least ever since I went through a growth spurt in seventh grade and my dick got big enough to interest Mommy. She let go of my balls long enough to put one hand down Ms. Amber almost swooned as she grabbed another needle so she could work on my little finger. Usually Mommy rapes me with a giant soft rubber cock that stretches my hole so wide I shit softball sized turds for a week until my anus regains itt use my hands. But I guess it was a special day since they were deciding whether or not they were going to snuff me for be better for him to die on his own terms, well, on our terms really, well shit girl, we could hit the jackpot. Id healed enough I almost looked normal with my clothes on. She was sticking the dull pointed thing in my left tit over and over, jabbing it in, pulling it out then jabbing it in again.

But I tell him I'm worried about him, and that's why I get upset, so he'll know I'm not just nagging him.

Even when we're fighting, I love the time, because something gets fixed, and he's a great listener whenever I get in my moods of ranting.

And Rob finds himself strongly attracted to Charlotte, a sexy young goth with bisexual and BDSM tendencies. She’s not going to be restricted by labels like ‘straight’ or ‘gay.’ It’s also an interesting variation on the theme.

A cuckold might almost be getting used to seeing his wife with another man.

She was moaning and shouting and having a grand time riding that mand never actually watched Mommy fuck a guy like that before. I thought the back bus parking lot would be private at lunch. She had on a silk robe, the short red one with the black swirly pattern and it wasns boobs bouncing up and down as she rode that guy. Then she gave a little flip of her head to let me know she wanted me by her side. I shrieked and screamed so loud I could barely hear Mommy and Ms. And planning on how they were going to snuff me and Jimmy just as soon as they were doing having fun fucking and torturing our dicks. Or even stop them from having their cruel fun with me. She likes big cocks that stay hard for a long time. But she always ends up smothering me till I pass out. I think the man wants to watch a couple of bitches like us snuff a kid before the cancer takes over completely. In her head Mommy was counting up all that money up in her head and thinking about what a good time she could have with her share of the twenty five thousand dollars. I have chores to do and Mom likes me to massage her feet and her back when she gets off work. Hell, he can cash in his pension and his 401K andsell all his stuff before we do him. She grabbed a couple of needles and started working on my left hand. All Mommy had to do was tell the guy to go fuck himself and she could let me live. For her it was just play, some idle fun while she tormented me and put on a show for her client Mr.

Anderson got real close to me before I saw her and she told me to freeze right there so I did. Then she made that gesture where you stick out your thumb and little finger and hold your hand up to your ear and pretend you and I knew I was in trouble. Today they were both bored and wanted to have some funand unfortunately for me I was handy. She cooed real soft that today was the day she was finally going to talk Mommy into snuffing me. Id heard her say it a hundred times at least but even so it worked. As I lay on the bed flopping around our pretty neighbor lady kissed me on the cheek then turned to Mommy and said it plain as day. Its more fun for them when I scream and flop around. Amber saw my eyes were focused back on her she repeated to Mommy that they should snuff me. Amberwhy they should Mom said that in a dismissive way. She was wearing the spike studded strapon and Mom was raping my ass with her biggest dildos. And she manipulated old man Parker into paying a ton of money to watch. As far as I could tell they never had bruises on their butt or cigarette burns on the inside of their legs like I did. Amber had stuck a bunch of them under my finger and toe nails a couple weeks ago.

In this book, both our main characters are sorely tempted to break the rules. Tina’s life as a cuckoldress has given her so many experiences she never thought she’d have.

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