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Ever feel like your opinionated hubby's holding something back?Men aren't naturally gifted at expressing themselves like women, so they may keep quiet about sensitive subjects. "If it's safe for him to speak honestly, that might improve his experience in the relationship," says clinical psychologist Andra Brosh, Ph D."This isn't the '50s anymore, but there are still some genetically determined pieces of men's self-worth," says marriage therapist Mike Dow, Psy D.

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So compliment his brawn—even if it's just for popping the lid off the jam jar.

Also, give him a chance to assemble that dresser before offering your expertise. Dow says if you take charge instead of letting him take care of it, he'll feel emasculated.

Real men don’t seek approval for every thing they do; instead, they are confident enough to take action without hesitation.

While your partner should consult you about major life decisions that you deserve to have a say in, he shouldn’t be so hesitant that he seeks your permission for every single thing he does.

Some people find it difficult to keep a secret, while others find it difficult to cope when secrets are revealed.

Can you keep a secret or do you find it difficult to hold your tongue?

he didn't want to think of something to keep the secret.

Ben also found that he is the smartest guy that Angela would know.

When Angela And Ben walked out with all that junk as Ginger hid in a rusty old truck.

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