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That is often the question for busy professionals who find it basically impossible to squeeze in both: You either head to the gym to focus on yourself, or saddle up to the bar to flirt during happy hour.

Single Cross Fitters, yogis, and cyclists rejoice: There's a new dating app designed just for you.

Fitness Singles focuses on matching you with fit, healthy members who enjoy an active lifestyle.

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Signing up is quick and easy, with a few simple steps to complete.

Once that’s done, all profiles are verified for authenticity.

Launch Date: June 2012 Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website and Email Hosting Project Scope: Fitness Model Tyler Mc Peak‘s website includes a blog – so he can share his fitness knowledge with his fans, a portfolio section, and a store. They have a ton of experience in the fitness industry, and have helped guide me.

I’d recommend them to anyone who wants a serious website and is pursuing work in the fitness industry.” – Tyler Mc Peak Design Date: January 2011 Service Dates: January 2011 – December 2012 Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting Project Scope: Fitness personality Steve Cook’s website was designed to showcase his modeling portfolio, keep fans in the loop regarding his upcoming appearances, and serve as a central location for all things Steve Cook.

She doesn’t necessarily have to spot you, and you certainly don’t have to keep the same pace as you make your way through your cross-country run.

But, there is no better motivation to get your off of the couch and onto the bench than the gentle peer pressure of your domestic partner.

Launch Date: November 2011 Services: Website Development , Website Design, Website Maintenance Project Details: Actor Jeff Gum needed a basic, but stylish website that displayed his portfolio of work in an organized manner.

Launch Date: January 2011 Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website Hosting Project Details: Fitness personality website that displayed news for fans, the client’s portfolio of work, and allowed visitors to purchase training programs and plans. They have helped me build the website I wanted to market myself as well as my ebooks and training services.

Consider it the modern way to chat up the hot guy lifting weights and meet him with a blowout and heels instead of a red flush and Lululemon.


  1. She completed her undergrad education at the University of Southern California and has worked for Men's Health, Fit Pregnancy and People magazines.

  2. In much the same way men and women dream of the perfect partner with whom they can share everything: the joy of creation, the ups and downs, the hard work and the rewards, entrepreneurs also seek co-founders with whom they can connect and bond with on many levels. The trend towards global entrepreneurship is on the rise, and it brings with it the frenzy of a new mating ritual: How do I find someone with whom to build a business?

  3. Heath Ahrens, co-founder of, declined to tell NBC News exactly how the company is pulling from various dating sites, but said it's all "publicly available information." "The point was to put something together to see how people would use it and whether it was even an interesting idea," Ahrens told NBC News.

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