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A settlement existed at Kenilworth by the time of the Domesday Book of 1086, which records it as Chinewrde meaning "farm of a woman named Cynehild".

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The site of the new £12million station – previously a builder’s merchants – now has signs of recognisable building work, including platform foundation (1); station building foundation (2); and the launch pit for the Severn Trent Water sewer diversion (3).

The photo shows a lorry delivering the beams for the platforms (4); while sheet piling in the picture shows the reception point for tunnelling under the bridge (5); and in the top corner is the tanyard stream diversion (6).

The station was originally set to open in August, but delays mainly due to signalling issues, have seen it put back to December.

The county council is inviting readers to share any thoughts they may have on the station.

Not only was it our very first UWM Kenilworth Wedding but it happened to be the wedding of Front Room Family members Shelby & Zak.

Shelby is our designer and Zak worked in the Front Room office in college.It helped simplify the day and we would have missed out on so many moments together.It didn’t take away any of the emotion of walking down the aisle. While planning, I was working at Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique, I scoped out an original pairing, two piece dress using a Bridesmaid dress that was cut to shin-length and the horse-hair skirt for the ceremony and dinner.So, we thought it would be appropriate for Shelby to give you some of her advice for planning a Milwaukee wedding in her own words.We have been working in the wedding industry for about 6 years now, so after seeing hundreds of weddings it was really a daunting task to plan our own knowing that everyone would be expecting a lot from us.Ryder made her film debut in the 1986 film “Lucas”.


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