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As a sex addiction therapist I’m asked all the time, “How can I stop my sexual acting out behavior?

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Perhaps one partner inadvertently stumbles upon a pornographic stash, finds tell-tale signs of extramarital affairs, takes or overhears phone calls that appear to be indicative of an inappropriate sexual relationship of the other partner.

The children may innocently remark about Daddy’s or Mommy’s “special friend.” Unexplained hotel bills or large gift purchases appear on the credit card statements.

Printable Meeting Lists To download a 2-page printable PDF Version of all Northern California SA Meetings, click the following link: NCSAI_MD_v20170607 (Last Updated June 7, 2017).

For the most up-to-date list of meetings, download and/or print “All Northern California SA Meetings” [above].

Most of its members, like its founder Roy K., are religious.

In New York most attendees are from the Orthodox Jewish community, along with Episcopalian or Roman Catholic clergymen.

Intergroup Meetings The Northern California SA Intergroup (NCSAI) meets monthly.

Contact your group’s General Service Representative for more information.

In this article I want to focus on the 12 step meeting benefits.


  1. S skal vi til at fejre sommeren p Sexlir, derfor har vi i dag lagt sommertilbud p alle profiler.

  2. We all know that these two lovebirds could have been the King and Queen of ATL (Keysh is from Oakland but lives in Atlanta), but communications got crossed and things got messy in 2008.

  3. Although dating at this point in life may raise a few uncertainties, it holds great potential for fun and excitement.

  4. At Arab Lounge, we take the security of our members very seriously, which is why we take pride in our 5 Star Safety Program.

  5. “Dancing with the Stars” announces its season 25 pro dancers on Thursday morning, August 24, on “Good Morning America,” and our readers have been sharing with us their wish lists for which pros they would like to see compete when the show returns live on Monday, September 18.

  6. They are sitting there with their tongues sticking out – so far out it’s like a bizarre competition to see who can get their tongue out farthest or hardest against their cheek. You wouldn’t do that when you meet someone in a club or a restaurant, so why here? Peter: I myself have a distaste for the sticking out of tongues. Maybe, just maybe, seeing sticky-out tongues are one of the side-effects. "I wouldn't put my dog in there for the night," he said. I even thought, My God, what if they think I had something to do with this?

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