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Unveiled at Sheraton, New Delhi, the collection glittered with polki, diamonds and kundan.Ten models, including, Miss India World 2013, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, sashayed down the ramp in champagne coloured gowns that showed the jewels to advantage.

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If you get a volleyball, paint it bright blue with large flicks of black on it, the goose will think it is an egg and will sit on it.

There is no upper limit to what a goose thinks of as a suitable size of an egg.

In 1932 the code was cracked by mathematician Marian Rejewski (of whom there is a statue of at Bletchley Park), but in the late 1930s the Germans changed the way they worked so the possible number of settings reached 364 billion per day.

According to General (later US President) Eisenhower, cracking the Enigma code shortened the war by two years.

We are fools and slight; We mock thee when we do not fear: But help thy foolish ones to bear; Help thy vain worlds to bear thy light.

Forgive what seem’d my sin in me; What seem’d my worth since I began; For merit lives from man to man, And not from man, O Lord, to thee.They are deemed the most intelligent because they can solve problems.For example the panel are played a video in which a crow figures out how to use a hook to get food out of a narrow tube.- XL: The Enigma code was first cracked by the Poles.There were other secret spices as well and all the ingredients were dunked in what seemed like astounding amounts of rum.The heady mix will be left to stand till December so that the dry fruits fatten on the liquor and develop taste, texture and aroma.Christmas fun starts with this ceremony which is considered to be a harbinger of good fortune and joyous times," said executive sous chef Prem Kumar.

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