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I did a complete restauration in 2013 and life came back into this 5string bass.His blue dress is made by the famous luthier Gerald Marlaux.Lefthanded Vigier basses, with carbon stripe necks, are exrtreamly rare.

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Dozen of Gibson Les Pauls: Studios, Orvilles, Historics and of course Les’s beloved Les Paul Recording models, including what is believed to be the first Les Paul Recording prototype. Le’s recording and mixing console which still features hand-written channel strip names. And that’s before you even begin to consider the personal items of a man who is destined to be remembered as someone who changed the world. Undoubtedly, collectors are going to snap up some key pieces and have some really, really lovely things for their respective walls.

Acoustic guitars including a late 30s or early 40s Kalamazoo archtop, 1968 Gibson L-48, 1927 Gibson L5, various Gibson Chet Atkins acoustics and many more. But what I’d really love to see is for someone, some well-heeled, well-meaning person or organisation, perhaps, to invest heavily in this auction and keep as much of it together as possible to establish a Les Paul museum.

Open Friday through Sunday and by appointment during the week.

Call 2 or email me at [email protected] value there is in 335 land.

I bought my Baldwin 712 a few years ago and have dicovered that the "B" plate is missing so to bring it back to near original spec I need To find the "B" plate or find the full tailpiece I have the hard oblong case which is falling apart so anyone out there got the parts that I am looking for let me know.

I’m looking to buy an original tailpiece for a vintage Goya Rangemaster 12-string.

These basses with carbon strips in the neck, or completely carbon neck´s are great sounding and easy players with a modern tone.

Its low weight and good playability are its strengths.

A realy good bass from the german luthier Magnus Krempel.

This bass was in a horrible condition whan he reached my house.

Recording equipment, including tape machines, preamps, speakers, microphones (dating back to the 30s! Electronic equipment including multimeters, tube testers, power supplies, oscillators, and – good lord – several caches of miscellaneous tubes! Wouldn’t you just love to some day go to a place where you can see Les’s own recording studio, his personal Les Pauls, various in-progress inventions which give you insight into his creative mind, and keepsakes, awards, membership cards, letters and personal items that remind us all that this was also a husband, a father, a son, a man who knew the value in an idea and the importance of following through with your dreams?


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