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Shamefully, some of these ‘small girls’ are even young enough to be their fathers.

Here are 12 things Ghanaian women love besides money.

Just as businessmen say, your appearance is your business card, Ghanaian women have a soft spot for men who know how to dress.

But let’s put the cliched “money-loving” attitude of Ghanaian women aside and talk about something else.

Of course, we love our Ghanaian women, they are our backbone and we know them like our boxers.

Is this typical Ghanaian Hypocrisy or Double standards?

Quite recently, I was invited to a Ghanaian party and while being chatty and interactive, I nearly caused offense by making a well intended compliment about how this “woman was in a good partying mood with his son” to a friend which caused a few giggles among those seated by.

The Prince of Wales and Robert Mugabe discussed women in general and the charms of Ghanaian girls in particular during their "courteous" encounter at the Pope's funeral, the Zimbabwean leader claimed yesterday."He [Prince Charles] told me he was in Ghana and that they were nice women there.

And I said to him: 'I married in Ghana' and he said, 'Oh!

I became entranced by the fluidity that the locals possess in their dance moves and I soon learned about azonto, alkayida, and hiplife (you can’t say hiplife without mentioning the Godfather, Reggie Rockstone).


  1. "That's what I want to show the contestants."Cara Castronova, who was ranked number two in the country in her weight class as a boxer and won two Golden Gloves in New York, has overcome her own life hardships.

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