Dating goebel hummel marks

There have been two books published about goebels, “Goebel Salt and Peppers” by Hubert Mc Hugh and “Goebels” by Wolfgang Schwatlo, the European equivalent of Robert Miller.Both books were printed in very limited quantities and are virtually impossible to find today.This PDF file has all the Hummel figurines list by Name with their corresponding Hummel number.

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I quickly became addicted to it and began to sell off my hummels to feed my new habit.

Today, I have what is believed to be the largest goebel collection in the country, numbering over 4,500 items.

Since the average collector cannot easily find information on goebels, I have been asked to write a monthly column on the subject which will appear on worldcollectorsnet. I will be getting into the various series produced by Goebel with lots of pictures in the future.

There are two private, non-profit clubs on the subject of goebel collecting.

The Goebel King’s Column produced for The World Collectors Net by Matt a.k.a. My name is Matt and I have been collecting Goebels for over 22 years.

I began with Hummels until I had collected every one that I would ever possibly be able to afford.

After you find the Goebel stamp compare it to the ones in the Hummel date stamp chart below.

If you are not sure about something just leave a comment below and I will try to clear it up for you.

Goebel quickly signed an agreement to produce porcelain figurines based on her artwork, and introduced the first M. TMK-6 “The Missing Bee” circa 1979 – 1991 Use of this trademark began in 1979.

But authentic Hummels will always have one of the Goebel TMK marks on the bottom of the figurine. TMK-3 The Stylized Bee Marks circa 1959/60 – 1972 Fig.13 is known as the large stylized bee – used primarily from 1960 through 1963. Germany” is placed to the right of the bottom of the “V”. TMK-5 “The Last Bee” circa 1972 – 1979 Developed and occasionally used as early as 1970, this major change is known by some collectors as the Last Bee mark because the next change in the trademark no longer incorporated any form of the V and the bee.

MI Hummel History, Trade Marks, and Dating The history behind Goebel’s M. Hummel figurines is short, and well-known by most porcelain collectors; Franz Goebel, of W. But what isn’t as well known is that what really gave M. These marks were used on all Goebel porcelain pieces, not just Hummel. The mark was used until about mid-1979, when they began to phase it out, completing the transition to the new trademark in 1980.


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