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There was the man so shy he could barely speak, and a smug, self-professed “globetrotter” who had barely traveled and insulted her job at the time, being a cocktail waitress.

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Gail wasn’t just giving advice — she wound up needing it from her granddaughter as well.

The West Palm Beach resident, now 77, agreed to have dinner with a man who joked she should pick up the tab on the second date.

Much to my granddaughter’s dismay, I have no idea how to make an apple pie from scratch.

Part of the problem with labels is that they put us into categories in the eyes of others.

Call me.” Wow, she thinks, a man my age who still drives at night.

She grabs the phone in a flash of red nail polish and presses each button with a perfectly manicured thumb. “Money wise…” My grandmother’s face turns as red as her nail polish. She looks him in the eye and retorts, “He left me in a box!

The poor man—I think his name was Harold—took her to the movies.

She was so appalled by his slovenly dress and poor hygiene that she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room and never returned. Her first adventure in senior dating was a dance for widows and widowers at the Woodbridge Elks Club.

So, without further delay, here are my mom & Miss G’s favourite picks for 40 Grandmother-Granddaughter Dates for Every Budget.

When Kayli Stollak got home from her first online date, she immediately called one of her best girlfriends and trusted confidante: her grandma Gail.

' should be the easiest question you ever answer in your life." The first time she went out with my grandfather, she was sick as a dog—she went anyway, though.


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