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Ringforts are circular areas, measuring .24-60m in diameter, usually enclosed with one or more earthen bank enclosures, often topped with a timber palisade. Longford also suggested that some ringforts may be preceded by open settlements. In the west of Ireland the ringfort equivalent, the , was often enclosed by a stone wall, with stone huts in the interior.

The inhabitants were largely self sufficient, and it is not uncommon to have neighbouring ringforts, some of which may have may have served as an early medieval livestock pen.

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, they are the most common field monument surviving in Ireland with up to 60,000 examples, most dating to between 550-900AD. Meath prove on excavation to have a long history, including prehistoric pre-ringfort activity and later re-use into the later and post-Medieval periods.

Traces of iron and bronze working have also been recovered suggesting some ringforts had very specific uses while others were multifunctional.

The excavation of two such neighbouring ringforts at Lisleagh, Co.

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