Dating indiana prison women

In 1873, two Quaker reformers living in Indiana, shocked by allegations of sexual abuse of female prisoners at the state’s unisex institution, pushed the state to fund the Indiana Reformatory Institute for Women and Girls: the first totally separate women’s prison established in the United States.

That is, if you’re lucky enough to be dating someone in a facility that allows contact visits, most of the time visitation occurs through glass.

You can’t sleep in the same bed, take trips together, or talk about anything you don’t want a prisoner guard to overhear. Clearly nobody in their right mind would pursue this sort of relationship, right? For whatever reason, thousands of women go after romantic relationships with inmates they’ve never even met, and didn't know on the outside.

They say it harms property values and makes it hard to plan for community development.

“We’re so close to downtown, people should be clawing to be here,” said City-County Councilman Zach Adamson, Mosburg’s spouse.

“Even if it’s still a state building, they could move archives there or something,” said Christian Mosburg, president of the Willard Park of Holy Cross neighborhood association.

“It could be publicly used.” Residents also hope the former prison’s razor wire-topped chain link fence will soon be removed.

He witnessed a world of seduction and manipulation as inmates prey on each other and those who guard them.

The experience, he says, has upset him so deeply that he has vowed never to set foot inside a prison again.

Websites like Write a Prisoner and Hot Prison Pals facilitate budding romances between incarcerated men, and the prison groupies who love them. For some ladies, dating a prisoner is the ultimate “project.” While a man on the outside will usually run for the hills once he senses that the lady in his life is trying to change him, an inmate who is starved for companionship will most likely be more receptive to being “saved” than your average Joe would be.

It’s like online dating for inmates, women can browse profiles of prisoners and then send letters to inmates they’re interested in. For the uber-jelly gals who are too possessive to maintain a healthy relationship with a normal guy, a prison bf is the perfect compromise.

Nevertheless, he has found it difficult to come to terms with his time spent among Indiana's female inmates, just a fraction of those held in a country that imprisons more women than anywhere else in the world. I didn’t feel bad at all.'But, after the fact I felt bad because this is an innocent man.


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