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With the help of this guide, you should be able to identify the provenance of any Blue Note record, and set your sights accordingly.

– the vinyl land between the end of the music grooves and the label – will enable you to decide if a record is a first pressing, a later pressing though still an “original” Blue Note (pre-1966), or a reissue originating in the subsequent decades of Blue Note ownership by other companies.

Production in Britain ceased soon after the outbreak of WWI with some later issues having the place of origin (Berlin) expunged from the label.

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Blue Note titles manufactured overseas are covered in separate pages, primarily for Japan and Europe.

Some Blue Notes in top condition are extremely rare, the most collectable worth upwards of £5,000, while others are worth only a few pounds: scarcity always dictates price, not music quality.

When my father died in 1958, I inherited 24 albums containing records dating between 19 which I have kept very carefully since.

I don't really know when and how he got them but the records are still in good shape.

The label was not dissimilar to Zonophone to look at.

In 1913, the company became part of the Carl Lindstrom group.

Where the label name is a link, clicking it will take you to a new page with more information and, in most cases, an attempt to list all issues on that label.

Originally a German-only label, launched in 1907, Dacapo appeared in Britain in 1910 with a catalogue starting at 1, priced at 2/6 (12.5p).

The idea behind this guide is to help collectors to get the best results from their precious 78rpm records.


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