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It has been registered in the USA, which means that it is a reliable platform for online communication.

It was quite a surprise for me when I figured out that plenty of them had particular problems with finding a partner for life.

These are mostly men, but there are plenty of single women also.

By using the Mambaonline and Meetmarket Websites in any way, you shall be deemed to have accepted all the Terms and Conditions unconditionally.

As of 5 December 2016, Pure has replaced the old (Personal) Metis as the system for registering research and publications at the University of Amsterdam. In Metis, the researcher could indicate by means of a check mark that a publication should not be shown under the publications tab on the personal Profile page.

Employers get hundreds of resumes and must sift through them and select the ones that look the best – perhaps glossing over a better candidate with a poor resume. The following are some tips that will help you prepare your “dating resume.” Overall, the point of your “dating resume” is to help matchmakers and potential candidates be able to get a good sense of who you really are.

Likewise, people who are dating often get many, many suggestions and must sift through them too. You have one page which will be read in a few minutes to accomplish this. There are three ways to add publications to Pure: import them from databases, from files or manually.If a publication is available in a database to which Pure has access, such as Besides publications, you can add other output, such as 'Activities' and ‘Press / media’.In Pure this function will come into use at a later stage.The publications which were blocked from being shown under the publications tab in Metis, will not be shown in Pure, either.In urgent cases Library staff can turn ‘off’ uploaded publications in Pure (please, contact the Pure manager of your faculty or institute for this).

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