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Fake charities try to take advantage of your generosity and compassion for others in need.

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Some scammers will call or email you requesting a donation.

If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

That's why you should use alt tag on your all pictures, which you use in your website.

It's crucial to use alt tag and to make sure search engines know what you are talking about.

Not only do these scams cost you money, they also divert much needed donations away from legitimate charities and causes.

Fake charity approaches occur all year round and often take the form of a response to real disasters or emergencies, such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes and bushfires.

Scammers will pose as either agents of legitimate well-known charities or create their own charity name.

This can include charities that conduct medical research or support disease sufferers and their families.

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