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To impress her, do the opposite and dress sharply – not over-the-top, but look put together.Wear basics that are made of high-quality material, are relatively fashionable (e.g.

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In Russia, women never rush to break up or end their relationship with a divorce.

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When looking at Russian men as potential matches, there are a few things you should know.

Russian men are slightly easier to impress than Russian women, but they also make much faster judgments about whether or not a woman is right for them – and they can be very dismissive if they decide you’re not the one (and difficult to convince otherwise).

Originally based on material contained in the "Put Your Best Foot Forward" series of books by Mary Murray Bosrock.

If you are not Russian and interested in dating a Russian girl, you may need a bit of an instruction manual.

In contemporary Russia, many women use all the opportunities to get a good education, get a good job and build their careers.

Being brought up according to patriarchal traditions, Russian women are acquiescent with men being the authority.

Just as is the case for Russian women, there are certain things that Russian men like and even expect from Russian women ​and would like to see the same in a partner who is not from Russia – although they might never admit it.

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