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Owing, perhaps, to the sura’s poetic beauty, it is often regarded as the 'beauty of the Quran', in accordance with a hadith: Abdullah ibn Mas'ud reported that Muhammad said, "Everything has an adornment, and the adornment of the Qur'an is Surah ar Rahman" [Bayhaqi in Shuab al Eiman].

The most notable structural feature of Al-Rahman is the refrain "Which, then, of your Lord’s blessings do you both deny?

Haasan says singing the song, originally sung by Rekha Bharadwaj for the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer, was a gratifying experience.

There is just one message that we wish to convey with this video... There will be those who will want to keep you subdued.

But remember, that it's all bullshit,” reads the note written by 'Breakthrough India' under the song.

India's Irfan Khan, a staple of Bollywood acting for a decade, has brought his star power to Hollywood with such films like "A Mighty Heart," "Slumdog Millionaire," and "The Darjeeling Express." He is best known for his turn as the investigating police inspector in "Slumdog." London-bred Khalid Abdulla (of Egyptian heritage) went from a typical terrorist role in "United 93" to playing the hero in "The Kite Runner." He's now working on "The Green Zone" with Matt Damon, directed by Paul Greengrass.

Music Director AR Rahman, seems to be sharing a very good rapport with the US President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama after his performance at the White House back in 2009.

Even after two decades, AR Rahman's 'Urvasi Urvasi' is still an unavoidable track in parties across the country.

And the only tagline suits this 1994 song is this: A song so ahead of its time.

It's like saying the whole of the West is Hollywood.

Raja, Kumaran, Prem, Shankar, Andrew, Kuberan, Purushottam, Yash Pathak, Vettri & Kumar, "Thiago is Gone" by Linda Lind, "Return to Ginga" by nm1424120, with T.

"), which is repeated 31 times in the 78-ayah sura.

The sura is composed of 26 couplets, 4 tercets, and an introductory stanza of 13 ayahs all ending with this refrain.

There's the eastern film industry, four industries in the south - they all make extraordinary films.


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