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If you’re thinking about dating a fisherman, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A lot of people use the weekends to catch up on much needed sleep.

The silver lining: There’s no need to worry about our whereabouts on a Friday or Saturday night.

We might have a few cold ones with our fishing buddies, but we leave the nightlife antics for the other guys. Just empty out the pockets before you put your britches in the washing machine, right?

But not adventurous: men who take selfies are actually a turn-off, and get 8 percent fewer messages for having them! Definitely do not lie if these certain things don't describe you, but if they do, then make sure to mention them in your profile.

Perhaps that isn't very surprising since we all know those obnoxious shirtless selfies that some guys like to take, or that raising eyebrows and squint to look like you're high pose that has become oh so popular (we are looking at YOU, Justin Beiber! Both sexes get 203 percent better reception from other online daters by having full length shots! Outgoing personalities get 4 percent more messages — and "confidence" receives 23 percent more responses.After a long work week, sleeping in until mid-morning is something to which many look forward. We’ll start yawning when the sun goes down and we’re awake and stomping around the house long before the sun even thinks of rising.We might not quite make it all the way through that pm episode of The Real Housewives—or whatever they call that show where the ladies with big hair keep hollering at each other—but by gosh, we can sure make you a nice breakfast before we climb in our trucks and head to the lake.If you want to find that special someone, presenting yourself in the most appealing possible way is step No. Advice here is drawn from my own and Indefinitely Wild photographer Chris Brinlee, Jr.'s personal experiences.Both of us have always done pretty well Internet dating here in LA, but we’re going to run it past 28-year-old Lindsay-Bea Davis, an outdoorsy lady from Canada who Internet dates, just to make sure we get it right.Nothing can kill a budding romance faster than being dropped by your date on a couple’s ride, or finding out he doesn’t own skis, a bike pump, hiking boots.


  1. Our great quality assurance and customer service means all you have to worry about is looking good in your photo.

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  3. To better the chances of getting a yes when you ask for a first date, stay flexible, keep things light, and use these tips: When you’re on a date, flirting is a delightful way to make your date — and you, for that matter — feel irresistible and tingly all over.

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