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If you weren’t lucky enough to be in Planica today, this is what you missed – narrated by a very excited British chap Here are Intrepid Travel‘s Top 10 reasons for making Slovenia your next European destinations!

If you’ve already been to Slovenia, what would you add to their list?

With so many things to see and do crammed into only 20,273 square kilometres of territory (a bit less than the country of Wales or the US state of New Jersey), it’s the perfect place to head for those interested in beaches and mountains, waterfalls and caves, craft beer and castles, festivals and golf, and much more!

For the 2016 edition of our Best of Summer in Slovenia survey, we’ve reimagined the categories to reflect the wide range of diverse attractions that the country has to offer, and as usual we’ll now leave the voting up to our readers, who even have the option of writing in their own choices if they’re unhappy with the shortlists that were painstakingly arrived at by our crack editorial team.

'We also see Slovenia's biggest classified ads service at third place.

The e-commerce market in Slovenia is specific due to the small size of the economy, which of course has to be taken into account when speaking about publishers as well, but I would say that e-commerce is developing.

What is interesting is that the topics of lifestyle, wellbeing, healthcare and healthy living are increasingly popular in Slovenia – we can see two health-related publishers in the top 10. In the Gemius expert's opinion it is worth mentioning a well-known reason for the issues that publishers are facing on the Slovenian market.

This is also why we are planning a special project in that field together with Med. 'Investments in networks that offer granted ad space are growing tremendously and RTB in the classical sense is not in use on the market.

The lineup also includes the information and journalistic websites,, and, as well as portals dedicated to health and medicine (Med. The five biggest news portals are found at the top.

In the last few months they have thoroughly improved their strategies, putting more and more effort into the promotion of their web portals, resulting in a slow but continuous growth,' says Gregor Nišavič, industry expert and head of the Slovenian branch of Gemius.

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