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Plus I also have scientific theories about astronomy and physics.

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I bet this person got like an 81 and made this test just so they could make other people feel bad. It's fake I know this website has a glitch because after I got my result I came back to the questions and it changed my answers. IT SAYS THAT WITH A LITTLE MORE PRACTICE I' LL BE FINE?

and my real iq is 149 and that might not be impressive but I think that if you had an iq of 166 you would be famous! I took a real IQ test and it said 133, that might be pretty low to some of you, but still. I am 11-12, am in the sixth grade, but taking seventh grade math and science classes.

Online dating chat room: Recognize a White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Alt-Right participant?


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  2. Otud nije ni čudo što je Linked In postao prava Meka za sastanke i što se sve veći broj usamljenih duša ne obazire na korišćenje ove mreže kao poslovne platforme na kojoj se ostvaruju poslovne veze ili se traži posao, već ga koriste kao potencijalno mesto za ugovaranje romantičnih sastanaka.

  3. Certain innovations achieved by a national operation may also may be included in this timeline, in cases where the Russian side played a major role in such projects. An electric tram, an earlier invention by Fyodor Pirotsky, drives between the pavilions featuring breakthrough designs by Vladimir Shukhov: the world's first steel tensile structures, gridshells, thin-shells and the first hyperboloid steel tower.

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